The irony of being harassed online for talking about being harassed on the street

Be careful using the internet, ladies.

It seems there’s an entire movement on Twitter for men who have nothing to live for; they create accounts for the sole reason of trolling feminist hashtags. These “men” (I use that term loosely, none of them are very good at behaving like humans) are obsessed with hating women and blaming women worldwide for their own insecurities and personal shortcomings.

My last post was about street harassment. I haven’t been able to walk down the street in peace in thirteen years and as a young black woman, I’m more likely to be harassed on the street than any other group. A lot of women are finally talking about it on the Internet and I, for one, am thrilled that I am not alone.

The misogynists, though, couldn’t be more upset about it.

After I posted a link to the blog to my twitter account, the lowlifes who hang out in the #YesAllWomen hashtag pounced. I could tell a few of them didn’t actually read the post. One halfwit claimed that I was requesting special treatment by wanting men to not reach out and touch me while I’m getting ice cream with my friends. Apologies, dude, I thought that was a reasonable request. But I mean I already have voting rights, so I guess I should just head back to the kitchen. Some seem outraged that I tweeted a link, taking it personally and clearly not understanding how social media functions.

One troll, who I suspect spends a lot of time alternating between feeling sorry for himself and bothering women online, really stuck out. The day after my blog went up, he filled up my mentions with the whole “hot/tall/men” bit and calling me a “stupid cunt”, but then a few days later came back and told me “get over it.” I guess he was still thinking about how mad that pesky black woman made him on the interwebz.

Personally, I like to imagine these trolls furiously tweeting from their bunkers covered in Cheetoh dust blaming women for their terrible personalities, the irony of harassing us online to get us to stop “whining” about being harassed on the street completely lost on them.

What these dudes don’t realize is that they are making my point for me and for all women involved in these movements. As soon as we say, “Men—it is not okay for you to harass us just for daring to come outside.” They drop everything and come hurrying over to their computers to tell us that we’re wrong, that we’re dumb, that we’re essentially less than them. It’s 2014 and some of you really think that we’re inferior to you.

So, really thank you for your help trolls. Being a terrible person to prove how someone is terrible is sounds like a Tea Party tactic, but it’s very helpful to my cause. Please, continue to harass women you’ve never met on the Internet, that’ll really show the world how awful we women are.


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