Mother Jones

Trump Is Trying to Deport Haitian Immigrants. They’re Fighting Back.
This Town Is So Toxic, They Want It Wiped off the Map
“We Didn’t Have to Suffer Like That”: Inside a Texas Prison During Hurricane Harvey
Humans Used to Live Here. Then Sandy Happened. Now It Is Being Reclaimed by Nature.
Puerto Rico’s Drinking-Water Crisis Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon
This Man’s Lawyer Used Wikipedia for Legal Research—Texas Plans to Execute Him Anyway
These Haitians Found Refuge From Earthquakes, Cholera, and Poverty. Now Trump Plans to Send Them Back.
Jeff Sessions Has No Interest in Pursuing Crooked Cops (July/August 2017 Issue)
I Talked to a Man on Alabama’s Death Row. The State Plans to Kill Him Tonight.
A Landfill Is Consuming This Historic Alabama Community. The EPA Ignored Complaints. Now the Case Is Closed.
This Mississippi Sheriff’s Department Is Completely Out of Control, Lawsuit Alleges
This Lead-Poisoned City Could Be Trump’s Flint
Black People Are More Likely to Go to Prison for Crimes They Didn’t Commit
Cops’ Feelings on Race Show How Far We Have to Go
Why Dylann Roof’s Death Sentence May Never Be Carried Out

The Nation
Origins of a Movement (February 27, 2017 Issue)

Democracy Journal
Welcome to Canada?

The American Prospect
Black Lives Matter Movement Splintering at DNC
Arizona’s Blue Horizons (Summer 2016 Issue)
That Sinking Feeling (Winter 2016 Issue)
Campus Cops: Authority Without Accountability
White Privilege and the Limits of Public Forgiveness
In Baltimore, Police Thuggery is the Real Violence Problem
Five Years After Earthquake, Haiti Teeters Between Chaos and Hope
‘All I Want For Christmas Is Justice!’ A Protester’s Dispatch
Staggering Loss of Black Wealth Due to Subprime Scandal Continues Unabated

The Trump Administration Is Giving Cops Unprecedented Power
While America Was Riveted by P*ssygate, Trump Called for Incarceration of Innocent Minorities—and Almost No One Noticed
Why Body Cameras Won’t Solve the Problem of Police Violence Against Black People

How to Police Policing

Foreign Policy in Focus
Are Foreign NGOs Rebuilding Haiti Or Just Cashing In?
CAR: A Forgotten Crisis at the Heart of Africa
Child Migrants Are Refugees the U.S. Helped Create
It’s Not Just Uganda: Behind the Christian Right’s Onslaught in Africa
How the UN Can Ignore 8,000 Deaths in Haiti
Haiti: Billions in Aid, Pennies in Progress Since Earthquake

Latin Correspondent
Under DR’s “social cleansing” policy, thousands of Haitian descent face potential deportation
Dominican Republic isn’t the only country with anti-Haitian policies
Are Brazil’s bus fare protests another bad sign for Rio Olympics?
Five years after the earthquake, reconstruction still a distant dream for many Haitians
Hypocritical UN response to disease outbreaks ignores Haiti’s cholera victims
In El Salvador, abortion laws turn pregnant women into criminals
Uneasy neighbors: The Haiti-Dominican Republic citizenship debate rages on

PBS NewsHour
Column: Republicans supported Trump until they perceived him as a threat to white women

What Bernie Sanders isn’t saying about inequality

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